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By Kevin Amolsch  WHY MILLIONAIRES GO BANKRUPT "That is exactly why we cannot loan you the money you need," I said in response to a potential client explaining to me that he has over $20,000 a month going through his account. Cash is king. If you have i
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Are you looking into financing the purchase of a new home?  You may be overwhelmed at the possibilities that exist within the mortgage industry.  There are numerous options and channels that can be used to obtain a mortgage.  In this article we will focus
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Why Many Realtors Hate Working With Buyers By Keith Maderer  This may sound like nonsense, but many Realtors do not like working with home buyers. How could that be? Why? Doesn't every real estate transaction need a Buyer... and a Seller? Of course they
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The Power of the Power of Sale Clause By Christopher Winkler We are finding out the hard way in a Contract for Deed we purchased in Alabama about the Power of the Power of Sale Clause. The Power of Sale clause is one of may clauses written into most mort
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