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There's no such thing, as a sure - thing, approach, or way, to successfully selling houses. However, when we examine some of the things/ techniques, which have worked, consistently, effectively, by top agents, for a substantial period of time, as well as evolving methodologies, dedicated agents, who focus on listing houses, and representing homeowner - clients, become better capable, of achieving the best, possible results. With this in mind, this article will briefly consider, and review, using the mnemonic approach, some of the approaches/ methods, top agents use, for SELLING houses.
Investors as you know are a different breed. They work to the beat of a different drummer. Some Realtors love working with investors others hate working with them. That is fine. There is a Realtor for everyone and if you find a match with a local investor, you will find that it can be quite lucrative. But one thing is certain, you need a respectful, trusting relationship where both sides get out of it what they are looking for and that is success and profit. This really is the bottom line when it comes to investors and real estate.
Some Realtors are looking into and considering a niche market in working with real estate investors. As a real estate investor, I can tell you 2 things. Working with investors can be rewarding and lucrative OR it can be frustrating, difficult, time consuming and involve unwanted surprises. The difference between whether this niche can be rewarding and lucrative or not worth your time and effort is education and training....of the investor.