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By Alana A Gaddis 

The idea of going from door to door does not seem appealing. Sure, it's an old school method of advertising your service, but is it effective? Yes. San Diego Real Estate Agent Leon Alchalel sees the summer as an opportunity to knock on the doors of some potential home sellers. He tried it some time ago at a time when the inventory was tight and he has never turned back. Listings throughout the county had fallen 22 percent from the peak of 13,000 in the fall of 2010.

Several months of painstaking door-knocking paid off at last when he received a call. Homeowner Ivan Madrigal, who Alchalel met on a door-knocking trip in southern San Diego, called him a few months after their initial meeting.

"I kept his business card in the back of a drawer," said Madrigal, 31. "When it was time to pull the trigger, he was the first one to come to mind."

So, it's nerve-racking. Yes, it is stressful being an agent but if you put in the work, you'll enjoy the dividends at unforeseen times. Below are a few ways of distributing real estate door hangers and flyers for door-to-door real estate farming. You could combine two of these to get maximum exposure in your community:


You put in the legwork yourself. Possibly get a few loved ones to go along with you. However, at some point or another, weariness sets in. The downside with this method of door to door marketing is that it cannot reach a large number of people and it is exhausting. Regardless, it's profitable as you get the opportunity to speak with potential customers right where they are. This was prevalently what real estate agent Alchalel used to grow his real estate business.


You might think it's great exercise going from door to door but it is not a good long term strategy. Why not choose a distribution service for your real estate door hangers and flyers? They might represent additional cost but they are sure worth the cost.


These cost less than distribution services and come with more props. They offer GPS tracking as well as photo and video proof so you know your door hangers are being delivered. Some of them even communicate with your prospects to increase effectiveness of your marketing.

Getting leads is a blend of hard work and timing. You don't know when and how your endeavors both online and offline would begin yielding profits. Utilize these three distribution techniques for real estate door to door sales advertising and combine them with the right marketing strategies to dominate your local real estate market.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?Starting-a-Direct-Door-To-Door-Sales-Campaign-for-Your-Real-Estate-Business&id=9783924  Starting a Direct Door-To-Door Sales Campaign for Your Real Estate Business

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